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Commercial Real Estate Water Damage Risks

Commercial Real Estate Water Damage Risks

Water damage claims can create havoc in commercial buildings. Water damage, especially on an upper floor, can cause mold and extensive interior building damage in addition to destroying business contents and disrupting your operations. Here are some tips to limit water damage claims in commercial buildings.

• Regularly inspect and maintain all plumbing, sprinkler and water connections.
• Keep your roof, gutters and downspouts cleared and intact.
• If you have vacant premises, consider automated monitoring to complement periodic onsite visits and maintenance.
• Monitor humidity and ventilation in all buildings.

Encourage your tenants to proactively monitor their premises. Tenants may hesitate to call you about maintenance issues. Proactively reminding them to report minor issues can help you avoid major water damage.

Before a loss occurs, develop an incident response plan that includes a prescreened plumbing contractor and a restoration company that you can turn to in an emergency. Addressing water damage immediately upon discovery can prevent mold and mildew problems. When bad weather is widespread and demand for contractor services is high, having a pre-loss relationship with these specialists can mean a quicker return to normal and potentially lower loss costs.

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