It is not a question of IF your business will suffer a cyber-attack, but WHEN!
Do you own a business? Then you need Cyber Liability Insurance!

Who needs Cyber Liability Insurance?

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  • In short all Businesses do. In today’s world you cannot go a week without seeing Data Breach in the headlines. Data Breach is when sensitive, confidential and other wise protected information has been accessed or taken by an unauthorized individual.
  • In the past year 60% of all targeted attacks have been on small or medium sized businesses. You may ask “what did they take?” or “what info could I have they would take?” Good question!
  • All businesses have PII- Personal Identifiable Information. This can be as simple as a home address. Or PCI-Payment card information. This applies to anyone who receives credit or debit card info. Even if you use a third-party processing system you are still exposed.
cyber liability insurance provider in tarrytown new york

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

  • Today our phones and other mobile devices are our computers. Could you run your business without your computer? Cyber liability is the insurance policy that responds when these devices have been compromised. Cyber Liability provides the following coverages
  • Legal Fee cost
  • Forensics cost
  • Notification cost
  • Credit monitoring
  • Public Relation cost.
  • Even more detailed policies can act as preventative policies providing password protection software and employee training services.


34% of ALL Cyber incidents were triggered by human error or lost or stolen devices. Inside human error causes the average data breach. Even small data breaches with less than 100 records(clients) can cost up and over $10,000 in legal fees, forensics and credit monitoring. Do you have $10,000 to spare?

The #1 most common Cyber Attack today is Ransomware.

  • Ransomware is a type of malware that locks down our files until an financial demand is met AKA Extortion.
  • This can shut down a business for hours or days or more!
  • When you do get back up and running you may not be aware of the State or Federal regulations you are responsible to follow.

No one is 100% Cyber secure but we can help you become Cyber resistant and prepared.