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The Best Good Luck Charm: Adopt a Black Cat

Adopt a Black Cat

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

– Groucho Marx

Despite what the lady in white on the TV commercials might suggest – or the gentleman who travels with his emu friend, for that matter – there’s more to life than just insurance. This is one of those posts that steps away from the computers and coverage limits, but, for a good cause.  You should adopt a black cat.

Now I know you’re wondering where this came from – for me it’s the realization that we’re a month away from Halloween, which I’ve always considered to be a black cat holiday (at least in our home it is).  You’re lucky – these cats come with their own Halloween costumes. Though I’m sure you could add some bat wings or spider legs if you want, just be sure they like the costume too or it might not last out the night.

All kidding aside, black cats are sadly the least likely to be adopted – this is according to multiple animal shelters and statistical sources. This might be due to superstitions about bad luck, medieval connections to witchcraft, or rumors that they don’t photograph well (mine does, and I have half a phone’s-worth of pictures to prove it!)

Lana, the cat who inspired this article

It’s been said that dogs have owners, while cats have staff.  You too, now have the rare opportunity to be employed by a mini panther. This also brings up another point: lots of people have dogs for security, but how many have a panther with razor sharp… ok not that sharp, but they do have fangs!

Historically speaking, black cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt, to the point that killing one was a capital offense. (Your new employer just got upgraded from a panther to an immortal!) They have also evolved to have stronger genes over centuries of domestication and are usually very healthy in comparison to their other furry cousins.

Finally, black cats come in all shapes and sizes, from sleek living-room jumpers to soft, luxurious champion show cats.  There really are an infinite number of possibilities to fit whatever you have in mind.  Hopefully I’ve convinced you to take a trip to your local shelter and meet your new best friend. Believe me, what that empty corner of your living room is missing, is a scratching post.

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