Business Property Insurance

Protection of your physical assets (building or leased premises, improvements and betterments, personal property, computers, etc) as well as the important Business Income coverage should a covered loss prevent your business from continuing.

General Liability

If Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage or Personal and Advertising Injury occur as the result of your business operations, general liability offers protection from lawsuits and provides for defense costs. This coverage can also include covered claims from the use of your product and/or services.

Automobile Liability

Even if your firm does not own any vehicles, an automobile liability exposure exists whenever anyone who drives on behalf of the business. Business Automobile Liability can cover this exposure as well as any vehicle (s) owned by the business.

Workers Compensations Including Employer’s Liability

By law, all employees must be covered by Worker’s Compensation for their medical expenses and loss of income due to an injury or sickness work related on the job.

New York State Disability

By law, employees are entitled to loss of income due to injury or sickness occurring off of the job that prevents the employee from his/her job.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Unlike a building where the replacement cost can be determined, liability can be an open-ended figure. Umbrella/Excess Liability provides higher liability limits supplementing the general liability, automobile liability and employer’s liability for those major accidents that can result in catastrophic consequences to the business.

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Professional Liability (aka Errors And Omissions)

For those firms that offer professional advice and services, professional liability protects the firm from alleged negligence causing financial loss or harm to a client as well as defense costs.

Employment Practices Liability

Provides protection and defense cost against allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment and failure to hire or to promote by an employee or third party.

Fiduciary Liability

Being the trustee of a benefit plan can place your personal assets at risk as a result of alleged errors and omissions or breach of your fiduciary duties. Fiduciary Liability will defend you and protect you.

Directors And Officers Liability

Being a Director or Officer can be a prestigious position however, it can expose you to personal liability if an alleged or actual wrongful act occurs during the course of your duties causing financial loss to a third party.

Cyber Privacy And Liability

With computers impacting our lives more than ever, the risks involved with them have increased. Breach costs, privacy protection, hacker damage and cyber extortion can all be covered by this policy as well as claims brought by third parties for their financial loss as a result of failure to provide adequate network security.

Restaurant Insurance

Managing a restaurant is a 24/7 commitment. Let us help protect that commitment. We can offer a large range of coverage’s from liquor liability to your improvements and betterments to business income and more.