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Car Collection Insurance    

Exceptional insurance for the exceptional collection. Agreed Value, OEM parts, restoration referrals. Choice of repair shops and parts. No mileage limits, Antique cars, classic motorcycle, classic cars, vintage trucks, antique tractors. No matter what kind of classic, vintage, antique or collectible vehicle you have, we can get you covered.

Custom Yacht insurance 

Worldwide Navigational Capabilities, Marine Environmental Damage protection, Flexible deductibles, Crew Coverage, Property Coverage, Agreed Value coverage, replacement cost loss settlement, Unninsured boater coverage, Search and Rescue/Emergency Services Coverage, towing and Assistance

Travel Insurance

Surround yourself with confidence wherever your travels take you. An annual travel policy can provide worldwide coverages and services to help in emergencies to make travel easier for the customer who travels frequently for business or pleasure. Medical Evacuation and repatriation, Excess Medical Expense, Political evacuation, felonious assault, trip delay, baggage delay, travel assistance services, trip risk intelligence , trip cancellation, trip interruption.

Couture Collections Insurance   

Insure the cherished items hanging in your closet at home or packed in a suitcase on the go. Designer and couture clothes, shoes and handbags. Wearable art – precious, bespoke and one of a kind pieces created with great care and precision.

Private Collections Insurance     

Protect your fine arts, antique furniture, jewelry, wine, memorabilia, vintage cars, or anything you are passionate about. Protection includes reimbursement up to an additional 50% of its schedule value. Lending artwork to an institution work. Blanket coverage can protect an entire collection. Scheduling itemizes valuable pieces.

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Wine Collections Insurance

A well-stocked wine cellar can be a savvy financial move. Demand for investment-grade wines at global auctions has skyrocketed in recent years. Don't underestimate the value of your collection. Blanket insure the wine or “Schedule” each bottle or case, itemizing and valuing separately. Mechanical breakdown if your wine spoils due to climate control system failure, worldwide coverage, in-transit coverage for bottles shipped from your favorite vineyard or store.

Kidnap Ransom Insurance

Are you prepared for the unthinkable? In an increasingly perilous world, protect your family worldwide from kidnapping and extortion. Lack of proper coverage at a critical time can result in untold agony and emotional devastation for all parties involved. Covers expenses for the use of expert security negotiators.

EPLI Insurance

Would your domestic staff sue you for harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination? Workplace torts are rising. Comprehensive, state-of-the-art program to help you proactively assess and manage your risk. Broad based, flexible risk management offering employment policies and practices , training, analytical tools.

Cyber Insurance

Sharing your passwords with your home assistant? Keeping up with your anti-virus security? Safeguard against sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, employee error, and more. Loss prevention tools to help you stay ahead of the curve.