• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted December 26, 2016

How to Say Thanks this Holiday Season (and All Year Round)

What’s the best way to show appreciation and improve relationships with friends, family and anyone you associate with each day? Express gratitude! While many times we may appreciate something that a person has done for us, often our gratitude goes unexpressed or unnoticed. Here are some thoughtful suggestions on how to show your gratitude.


Write a Note – Showing gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated and sending a heartfelt handwritten note card can really brighten someone’s day. Remember you don’t have to be a poet or have perfect penmanship; it’s the thought that counts.


Sing Their Praises – If the reason you are thankful is something worth sharing then feel free to use social media to sing the person’s praises. Tag the person you are grateful for in a post thanking them for their help. Tagging the person allows their friends, family and colleagues to see and “like” the post.


Give Food – Everyone loves food. Fresh baked cookies,

bread or pies, whether you made them yourself or bought them from a local bakery are a wonderful way to show appreciation. Find out their favorite treat and deliver it in person.

Donate Money to Charity in Their Name – If you want to say more than “thank you” and the person has everything, donate to one of their charities, in their name. You can look for their favorite organization on social media or ask them if they have a preferred charity.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated and it can really help improve your relationship with friends, family and people you interact with on a daily basis. Take a moment in this busy world to show gratitude to others and you may be surprised how many people respond with gratitude to you.

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