• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted December 21, 2015

Home Hazards: Your Guide to Keeping Kids Safe

Home Hazards and Keeping Kids Safe

Keep your kids safe by avoiding common home hazards with this guide.

Did you know that 10,000 kids go to the emergency room each day due to an injury caused by something in the home? Don’t let your children become another statistic; avoid these all-too-common home hazards and keep your kids safe with this guide.

  • Suffocation. Protect your children as they sleep by putting your young ones on their backs into a crib free of any objects for the night’s rest.
  • Drowning. When your kids are anywhere near water, including a small kiddie pool in your backyard or even a partially full bathtub, keep your attention on them. Never leave your kids alone in water, even just to go grab a towel.
  • Fire. 14 percent of parents say they don’t check their smoke alarm batteries. Don’t be one of them! Every six months, test your smoke alarm and put fresh batteries in it. You can use the “old” batteries on other devices that aren’t as important until you can purchase new batteries.

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