What is an Independent Contractor?
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted July 23, 2014

What is an Independent Contractor?

Independent contractors are usually highly trained in one specific area of work, making them a good option for a business to hire. It is important to remember that an independent contractor is not an employee of the company they are doing work for, which means they will have different rules and regulations to follow. An independent contractor is in business for themselves, and only offer their services to the general public.

Independent contractors are free from supervision, direction, and control in the performance of their duties. Even if they are hired by a company, they still are in control of how they do the job they were hired for. They also have the authority to hire their own employees to help get a job done.

Independent contractors do not qualify for worker’s compensation benefits, even if they are working with a company that provides them. This means that they are free to sue the company if they are injured on the job for as much as the court will award. It is important for business owners to check and make sure that the independent contractor has their own worker’s compensation insurance before hiring them.

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