• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted May 5, 2014

Major Cyber Security Findings for 2014 Reported by Symantec

The new cyber security findings for 2014, as reported by Symantec, raise some concerns for businesses.

Alarming Statistics Found by Symantec

  • Over 552 million identities were breached throughout 2013.
  • Mining, government and manufacturing companies are most at risk; 1 in 2.7 have been targeted for an attack.
  • There were 23 zero-day vulnerabilities reported in 2013; these are vulnerabilities within a program at launch.
  • “Ransomware” escalated by 500 percent in 2013; scams that convince a company they owe some form of government penalty or fine.
  • 38 percent of mobile users experienced some form of mobile crime.
  • 81 percent of social media scams in 2013 involved fake offers, such as free cellphone minutes.

Major Security Concerns into 2014

Throughout 2013 there were many major security breaches, which involved a significant amount of lost data. Over 552 million identities may have been made vulnerable through these cybercrimes. Targeted attacks also grew; many companies are now concerned that they, too, may become the target of cyber criminals.

The increasing reliance of businesses on mobile platforms may also become detrimental throughout 2014 as mobile platforms are now being targeted for cybercrime as well. Social media accounts are also increasingly becoming access points for cyber criminals and many cyber attackers are taking advantage of increasing unique pathways to information. The Internet of Things has made it easier than ever for cyber attackers to connect with things such as smart appliances or even cars.

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