National Novel Month! How Do You Protect Your Books?
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted November 13, 2015

National Novel Month! How Do You Protect Your Books?

Do you collect old books?

For those who are avid collectors or novice beginners, collecting books is a true art! Collectors will know that there is always something to learn about the art and passion of keeping old, rare, and valuable books.

While most serious collectors do focus on one or two defined areas, whether it be an author, time period, subject, or type of book, there are some collectors that collect all sorts! From modern physics to American literature of the 19th century, to children’s illustrators, there are books to be collected in every genre!

The volumes most in demand right night now are the Federalist Papers, Tom Paine’s Common Sense, or early printings of the Journals of the Continental Congress. Of course, there are always literary favorites of The Great Gatsby or Moby Dick or anything from Charles Darwin or Jane Austen.

It is important to note valuable books can range from a mint-condition, modern book with the author’s signature, to a mid-19th-century book that is literally falling apart. Depending on what you collect, the world is yours!

During National Novel Month, find out how to protect your books! For those collectors who have a significant value of books in the possession and want to protect them as best they can, contact Allan Block Insurance Agency for the Collectors coverage insurance! This coverage can insure your books should they be destroyed or damaged by a covered peril. We serve Tarrytown and Westchester County in New York!