• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted August 10, 2015

Social Media Tips For Avoiding A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Social Media Tips For Avoiding A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Your Guide To Social Media & Personal Injury Coverage

You know your homeowners insurance covers your liability, so you can say whatever you want on social media without fear of what a resulting lawsuit could cost you, right? Wrong. Your homeowners insurance actually specifies that its liability coverage is for bodily injury and property damage, which means it will not kick in for lawsuits relating to libel or slander. You need to add personal injury coverage to your policy.

To help you avoid the hassle and expense of a personal injury lawsuit because of something you said online, use these social media tips.

  • Think before you post. While sometimes your mouth moves faster than your mind, you do not have that excuse online! Read through every post before you let it go live and if you are saying anything inflammatory or slanderous, skip it.
  • Be careful when you leave a negative review for a product or a business. There are plenty of lawyers who are ready to take you to court for disparaging comments about their service or product.
  • Monitor your kids’ online activity. You can be held liable for their comments!

Do you want more advice on how to protect your financial wellbeing? If you are interested in adding a personal injury endorsement to your homeowners insurancecontact Allan Block Insurance Agency in Tarrytown. Serving Westchester County and all of New York, we are here for all of your insurance needs.