Concern & Excitement - Drones are Here! Private Drones
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted December 29, 2014

Concern & Excitement – Drones are Here! Private Drones

Evaluating the Insurance Implications of Owning a Private Drone

We have all heard about the new technological advancement that could transform the world of recreation and business all in one – drones. These unmanned aerial vehicles are causing a great deal of concern and excitement across the globe. If you are considering purchasing a private drone it is important that you understand the insurance implications of your purchase.

Since the drone will be considered your personal property, you may receive a limited amount of coverage through your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, that is only if the drone is used for hobby purposes.

Additionally, the liability risks are astounding. Because most homeowner policies exclude liability related to an aircraft of any kind, there would be no coverage.  Before purchasing a drone, it is important that you contact your insurance provider to see what coverage you will be offered and where you will be left vulnerable.

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