Recycling Electronic Waste To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted March 11, 2015

Recycling Electronic Waste To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Consumer Alert: It Is Time To Start Recycling! 

The New Year brought many things, one of which will significantly reduce our carbon footprint on our beautiful planet. Starting on the first of the year, consumers in New York are prohibited from disposing of certain types of electronic equipment in waste-to-energy facilities, the trash, landfills, and curbside trash pickup. You will now be required to use one of the following recycling electronic waste options:

Option 1: Utilizing a Manufacturer’s Take Back Program

  1. By using the DEC’s list of electronic equipment manufacturers that are registered in New York, you can find out which electronic equipment is covered by this law.
  2. Once you visit the manufacturer’s website, follow the instructions provided regarding the proper way to recycle your equipment, free of charge.
  3. It is important to note that this law requires that manufacturers accept their products to recycle, and to recycle one piece of electronic waste that comes from any other manufacturer.

Option 2: Visiting an Electronic Waste Collection Site

  1. It is best to call ahead and confirm that they will accept your equipment.
  2. It is important to note that some collection sites charge a fee if they are not affiliated with a certain acceptance program.

For more information, visit the New York State DEC website at:

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