Is Your Outdoor Space Safe?- Allan Block Insurance
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted July 7, 2014

Is Your Outdoor Space Safe?

We all know how important it can be to minimize the risks in and around your home to lessen the possible chance for liability. When it comes to your outdoor space, have you taken the time to examine it, and evaluate the hazards? Here are some things to fix up in your outdoor space if you haven’t already:

  • If you have a pool, drowning is a huge concern. Consider installing a fence around your pool area. If this is not possible, be sure to remove the ladder when the above ground pool is not in use.
  • How long are your tree branches? If your branches are too long, they can pose a threat to power lines, your home, or your vehicles if a storm was to occur. Leaves can fill gutters. Additionally, rodents and other unwanted critters might use them as means to get inside your home.
  • Keep your BBQ grill a safe distance, about 10 feet, away from any trees, decks, or your home.
  • Clear out your gutters every now and then. If they become clogged they may break off of their attachment to your house.
  • If you have an in-ground pool, be sure it has a self locking gate to prevent small children from wandering into the pool area.

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