• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted October 30, 2015

Tips For Kids & Parents: Stop Bullies

Tips For Kids & Parents: Stop Bullies

Use these to help your kids address and eliminate bullying.

Bullying isn’t a new problem, but bullies do find a way to make it freshly traumatic for their victims. By equipping your kids with the information and skills they need, you can help them address and eliminate bullying in their lives. Use these tips!

  • Start Education Early. Don’t wait until your kids are bullied to address this serious issue. Start empowering them now, letting them know that bullying is never okay and that they and their friends should tell bullies to stop, whether it’s affecting them directly or not. Open the lines of communication now so shame will never keep your kids silent if they’re bullied.
  • Offer Help. Let your children know that involving you or a teacher isn’t “snitching,” it’s the right thing to do! Oftentimes, bullies are bigger and it can be intimidating for kids to stand directly up to them. Tell them it’s a good idea to get help if they need it.
  • Practice. Act out bullying with your kids, giving them the chance to practice responding to it in a safe setting.

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