• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted November 10, 2014

Still Earning Millions? Check Out These Top Earning Celebrities!

Top Earning Celebrities- Allan Block Insurance Agency

With legacy comes fortune, which often leads to a lump sum of residuals after you pass. Some celebrities are still pulling in millions without having to set foot in the spotlight again. Gathered is a list of the top earning celebrities that have left the world too soon:

  • Michael Jackson continues to bring in triple-digit millions each year since his passing, bringing in $140 million in 2014.
  • Even 37 years after his unexpected heart attack, Elvis Presley earned $55 million in 2014.
  • Famous cartoonist, Charles Schulz is still being recognized, earning $40 million this year.
  • The glamorous Elizabeth Taylor brought in $25 million in 2014.
  • 33 years later and Bob Marley still proves to be earning big, bringing in $20 million in 2014.
  • Marilyn Monroe continues to bring in money, even after 52 years without her presence in our lives. In 2014, she made $17 million.
  • 34 years after the tragic murder of John Lennon, he earned $12 million this year.
  • 59 years after Albert Einstein’s passing, he still brings in $11 million.

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