• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted March 15, 2017

Top tips for getting your home ready to sell—fast

Having your home impeccably clean is crucial! You’ll want to declutter and rearrange the furniture to open the spaces of your home. You want potential buyers to focus on your home, not on the items in your home.

Should you “neutralize” your home by, for example, painting over saturated wall colors? And can décor choices affect sale price?
Absolutely, on both counts. Neutralizing a home will open possibilities to more buyers, since this allows them to visualize the property’s potential. Saturated paint colors and very personal décor may inhibit a buyer, since they might not have the ability to see through your personal choices and envision themselves in the space. And make sure that you address the home’s curb appeal by having the landscape refreshed and any cosmetic repairs made to the home’s exterior.

Should you stage your empty home? If so, should you rely on a staging company or simply leave some furniture behind to illustrate the purpose of each room?
Lightly staging a home is crucial, since it gives the potential buyer some visual clues to what the home will look like. A staging company can fully stage a home or work around furniture you already have to help show the property in its best light. The best idea when working with a staging company is to let them do their job! Sometimes sellers are so personally invested in their home, they have a difficult time letting go. Professional stagers know how to do just enough—but not too much—to make your home look inviting, neutral and ready for your buyers.

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