• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted April 4, 2014

Understanding the Dangers of Electric Shock Drowning

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get those boats out and ready to get in the water. Registrations probably need to be renewed and insurance is a must! However, it is also a time to become aware of the dangers of electric shock drowning.

Ultimately, the best precautionary measure you can take as a boat owner is to have your boat tested on a yearly basis to ensure there is no leaking electricity. The dock or marina should be tested as well.

You can’t always be near your boat, so here are some tips to help everyone stay safe from electric shock drowning:

  1. Do not swim at a public dock or in a marina. If you’re at a private dock, ensure the electricity is off.
  2. Make sure to educate children on the dangers of swimming around electricity.
  3. Never dive or swim near the boat when it is plugged into the electricity.
  4. When swimming in the water, do not swim near the dock if you feel shocks or tingling.
  5. Make sure others are aware of the dangers of electric shock drowning. The worst thing someone can do is not share their knowledge.

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