Are You Doing These 4 Office Pet Peeves?
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted December 2, 2015

Are You Doing These 4 Office Pet Peeves?

Kick these 4 office bad habits!

When you total up the amount of time that you spend at work, you can truly appreciate that the office is a home away from home. This means that maintaining a happy work family is important for everyone’s sake!

Know the top 4 office pet peeves to steer clear of them!

  • The kitchen slob
    Don’t leave your dirty mugs and dishes for someone else to clean up! No one likes to be the cleaner of the office, so be proactive in being tidy.
  • The empty coffee pot
    A sleepy coworker who reaches for the coffee pot only to find that it is empty will not be a happy camper. If you drank the last cup of coffee, start another pot!
  • The thermostat thief
    There’s always one person who likes to turn the air conditioner or the heater on before asking the office.
  • The buzzword spiel
    For that one person who is rambling off office jargon, there are ten people wishing they would stop. If you use phrases such as “giving 100 percent”, and “take it to the next level”, and “cool beans”, limit the use of them immediately!

Utilize these pet peeves to determine how you can help others, or stop yourself, from making these mistakes!

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