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Ways to Reduce Cyber Risk For Your Business

Reduce Cyber Risk

Every business is a target for cyber hackers, but you can reduce your cyber risk (and their chances of success) with these tips:

  1. Remind your staff members to use distinct passwords, not ones used on their social media accounts. Significant attacks have occurred after the hack of employees’ social media accounts.
  2. Train employees on what to look for in phishing scams. Misspelled words, an invitation to click on a link, and unknown email addresses are all red flags.
  3. Update your software on schedule. Such updates and patches often close security gaps.
  4. Check that your backup is working. We often configure a backup, but forget to ensure it’s still doing its job. And don’t go without a sufficient, secure data-storage strategy.
  5. Do you have a firewall? A firewall is one of the safest ways to prevent cyber attack. Your information technology specialist can help put your data behind an effective firewall.

These tips can go a long way in reducing cyber risk, but unfortunately there’s no way to be 100% invincible against cyber-attacks. That’s where Cyber Insurance comes in. It essentially serves as a back-up plan– in the event of a hack, your Cyber Insurance will help you with the costs to recover your information, deal with the fallout, and get your business up and running again.

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