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  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted May 25, 2020

Annuities Can Provide Monthly Income

If you are looking for a stable monthly income in your future years, you might consider starting an annuity. While there are several types of annuities, the most basic is an investment product from an insurance company that assures a stipulated, periodic payment based on an initial investment.

In some cases, you can begin payments very soon after your initial investment. In others, such as in deferred annuities, you must wait for some time—typically years—before you can begin receiving money.

You usually can add to an annuity, even rolling over other retirement account funds in a tax-free transfer. Some annui­ties allow you to make a small upfront investment and follow with monthly pay­ments that enhance the value of your account. Those often can be made by direct deposit or payroll withholdings. Most annuities earn interest or other income, and some are tied to the stock market, so if you don't mind investment risk, you have expanded options.

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