reduce autumn home insurance liability risk westchester ny
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted October 3, 2019

Reduce Insurance Liability Risk This Autumn With A Few Slick Moves

With a few intentional steps, you can increase autumn safety for your family and guests.

Leaves: If you live in an area with deciduous trees, set and follow a cleanup routine. Fallen leaves on the ground can create slip-and-fall hazards, block downspouts and allow for water damage, foster pest nesting and mold growth, and create a fire hazard. If your municipality permits leaf burning, never burn without effective fire controls. It's wise to consider other methods for clearing leaves that present less of a hazard to your structures.

Ice:Almost the entire country is susceptible to icing, so be prepared with de-icing treatments, traction support such as kitty litter, and temporary carpets for entry­ways. If a person slips and falls on your property due to icy or snowy conditions, you could be liable for their injuries if you havent’ taken reasonable precautions. 

Auto: Autumn is mating season for deer and prime time for vehicular collisions with them. Not only will a deer strike do serious damage to your car, it can also grievously injure occupants. Heighten your awareness when driving from dusk to dawn, keeping your eyes on the road and shoulders at all times.

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