• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted May 20, 2015

Are You Wearing The Right Life Jacket?


Stay Safer On The Water With This Guide

Winter is finally passing, bringing us warmer weather and longer days. As the sun comes out, you are probably more than ready to head out for a day on the water to enjoy it. When you do, protect yourself by wearing a life jacket. The majority of fatal boating accidents involve drowning, so it is advisable to wear your life jacket even when local rules do not mandate you do so. When it comes time to choose the right life jacket, use these tips.

  • Fit: It is important that you feel comfortable wearing your life jacket, so fit is key. Choose a life jacket that is not too tight, but also will not lift up to your chin when submerged. Keep an eye on the fit of your child’s life jacket, since growing kids will need new jackets more regularly than adults.
  • Type: Do not fear that your life jacket will be restrictive. They make jackets that suit your favorite water activity—including those with larger arms for skiing and wakeboarding and those with higher-cut torsos for paddle sports—so you can find the right type.
  • Preservation: A weathered jacket can be less effective, so store yours somewhere it is protected and check it regularly for tears.

Another crucial aspect of protecting yourself out on the water is carrying boat insurance. To get the right policy to protect your boat and your family this summer and beyond, contact Allan Block Insurance Agency.