Is Your Biggest Investment Protected From Cyber Attacks?
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted February 2, 2015

Is Your Biggest Investment Protected From Cyber Attacks?

Take Action Against Cyber Crimes!

With so many mass cyber hackings in the news today, it is becoming increasingly more important that we take preventative measures against this serious crime. If Sony, Target, and Home Depot are experiencing drastic hits by cyber criminals, what makes small businesses think they are not as vulnerable? Compiled is all the must-know information regarding cyber attacks:

Preventative Measures:

  • Regularly update anti-virus, firewalls, and anti-spyware programs.
  • Strengthen all passwords and change them regularly.
  • Take on a risk management team who can determine the next course of action should an attack occur.
  • Limit access to sensitive data, even to employees.
  • Store your most sensitive information in a separate place than your every-day data.

Common Cyber Threats To Be Aware Of:

  • Denial-of-service: A cyber attack that successfully impairs or prevents authorized functions of your systems or networks.
  • Malware, Trojan horses, and worms: These cyber hits are spread by instant messaging, email, malicious websites, and non-malicious websites that have been infected.
  • Scareware: These fake security software warnings will trick you into paying for a system to protect your computer by paying and downloading special software.
  • Social Network Attacks: Due to the volume of users who post sensitive information on social media, this time of attack is most common, as you typically trust whom you share with.

Insuring Cyber Security risk.   Even a small business can purchase insurance coverage for the cyber security risk.  Computer fraud, identity theft and other cyber risks are very real dangers today. Cyber security insurance covers your business from direct losses, losses from computer security breaches and legal liability damages for both first- and third-party issues including network security and privacy liability.

How is your business’ cyber security? Contact Allan Block Insurance Agency located in Tarrytown, Westchester County, NY and serving clients across the country for all of your insurance needs.