• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted January 28, 2015

Safely Navigating The Roads In Your Golden Years

Safely Navigating The Roads In Your Golden Years

Driving Safety Tips for Older Adults

Once we hit our golden years, it can be difficult to give up our freedom. Unfortunately, the reluctance to give up driving privileges proves to cause avoidable accidents on a daily basis. As you age, it is important that you consider these driving safety tips for older adults:

  • Safety should be your top priority. Therefore, it is important that you are honest with yourself and with your family about when the appropriate time to stop driving would be.
  • When your loved ones approach you about your driving privileges, it is important that you simply have an open and honest conversation with them as opposed to lashing out in offense. They are only looking out for you.
  • To ensure that your hearing and eyesight are up to par, schedule a reoccurring appointment for a vision and hearing test. This will allow you to feel confident in your capabilities.
  • To refresh your memory, you may want to consider taking a defensive driving course at the DMV. The extra effort will show that you are not yet ready to give up the keys.
  • Most importantly, feel free to take a day off the roads if necessary.

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