auto insurance and flood damaged cars
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted November 2, 2017

Great Deal on a Car or Actually a Flood Damaged Car?

It’s a predictable pattern, hurricanes with flooding and then great deals on cars. While the hurricanes and flooding only hit certain areas of the US it still means that flood damaged cars can be seen all across the US. Here are some tips to be aware of to help you determine if it is a good deal you are getting on a car or if it is actually flood damaged and can lead to headaches.

When a newer car is damaged in a flood it is generally considered a total loss and is sent to scrap, or well that is what is supposed to happen. Not all states define salvage the same way. Vehicles that have little obvious damage may be returned to the road without replacement of electrical parts which can lead to problems that can take weeks or months to appear. Corrosion can also be an issue but it takes time to become bad enough that connections are lost or short circuits occur, leaving you to breakdown at the worst possible moment.

What to look for to avoid a flood damaged car:

  • Mud that is caked on and a musty odor from carpets or new carpets in an older vehicle.
  • Waterline that is visible in the lens or reflector of the headlights.
  • Mud or debris that is trapped in a difficult to clean place like under the hood.
  • Rubber drain plugs under the car that have been removed.

Inspect any car thoroughly before purchasing to make sure you are actually getting what you think you are getting and save yourself from future problems.

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