garage sale and homeowners insurance policy
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted April 13, 2018

Garage Sales May Not Be Covered By Your Homeowners Policy

From old clothes to unused furniture to garden tools in triplicate, your spring cleaning has reminded you of just how much stuff you have crammed into your home.

Riding your cleaning momentum, you decide to follow the example set by millions of Americans annually and host a garage sale.

Will someone buy that old shower curtain? Will you actually sell those toys that the kids haven’t touched in a decade? A garage sale may be the best reminder of that tried-and-true saying about “one man’s trash.”

When perusing your inventory to decide what to charge for your items, keep something else in mind. By hosting a garage sale, you’re inviting the public onto your premises with the intention of earning their money. Some home insurance policies include restrictive language regarding coverage for claims arising out of such activities. In some cases, the policy may define such an activity as a “business” and restrict coverage. For example, if a garage-sale shopper slips and falls on your walkway and is seriously injured, that person could file a liability claim against you to pay bills for their injuries and loss of income. If your home insurance policy considers the garage sale activity as a “business” and restricts liability coverage for such activities, you might be on the hook for paying those bills out of pocket.

When considering a garage sale or any activity that involves earning money for yourself or a resident relative, review your home insurance policy for potential coverage limitations. Your agent can help, so call before you run your event.

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