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  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted January 25, 2020

Wear And Tear Can Lead To A Homeowners Claim Denial

Standard exclusions in homeowners insurance policies include damage caused by catastrophic events like earthquakes or floods. But what about other damage to your property that could have been minimized (and covered by insurance) if not for the neglect of the homeowner?

For example, what if you were to notice water seeping in through your window? You'd probably fix it, right? But people get busy and forget about things until they become big issues—like the drywall rotting away near the leak and damage to carpets and walls, including mold.

If a homeowner knew about an existing issue and didn't address it—and damage occurs because of it—the insurance company could deny paying on the claim because it is a result of neglect and failure to properly maintain the property.

Make a commitment as a homeowner to under­stand the maintenance issues of your property and address problems as soon as they come to your attention. This includes roofing leaks, faulty appliances, damaged or decayed pipes, and other wear and tear or needed repairs. Insurance claims adjusters are trained to spot prior damage, and your policy specifically excludes coverage for such impairments.

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