• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted May 11, 2015

How Smart Homes May Not Be So Smart

How Smart Homes May Not Be So Smart

Is Your Digital Data Safe?

Smart home innovations have been the talk of the town in the technology, energy, and real estate sectors. With technological advancements, homeowners are now able to lock their homes from their smart phones, train their thermostats to know their routine and help them slash their utility bills, and even remind them when to buy milk. All of this progress is exciting for the modern homeowner, creating opportunities to save time, money, and energy. There is one way, however, that the smart home is not so smart.

Because the innovations driving smart homes are fairly new, there has not been a great deal of discussion around the privacy of the digital data collected by smart home devices. Before you invest in bringing your home into the digital age, make sure you understand how your device is safeguarded against hackers, how long the data it collects is stored, and how that data is used.

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