Importance of Home Inventories
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted September 8, 2014

Importance of Home Inventories

Homeowners insurance is meant to protect your home and assets in case of damage or theft. The only way to ensure that you can be reimbursed for your assets after an unfortunate incident is to create a home inventory of everything that you own.

Creating a home inventory includes

  • Making a video. Walk into every room in your home with a video camera and document all of your assets. Make sure to talk over the video to explain the value of each item. Also make sure that you open all drawers and closets to record all of your belongings.
  • Making a list. Make a detailed list of all of your belongings, including the value of each item and when it was purchased.
  • Reviewing your inventory with your insurance agent to make sure that you are aware of any items not included in general contents that need to be scheduled.
  • Consider having an appraisal done of fine arts and antiques to authenticate the item.

It is also important to keep the receipts of any expensive items, such as TVs or stereos. Also make sure to keep your inventory in a safe place, such as a lock box or fire proof safe so that it does not get ruined in case of a disaster at your home.

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