What we have Learned from Data Breaches
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted August 22, 2014

What we have Learned from Data Breaches

Data breaches are getting more and more common with the increasing use of the Internet and computer storage systems. There are many lessons to be learned from previous data breaches, including:

  • Accidents are the main reasons for data breaches. Make sure to keep track of important pieces of paper, hard-drives, and mailing labels to ensure that an accident does not lead to personal information getting out.
  • Thieves come in many different disguises. Not all hackers are people sitting behind a computer. Make sure everyone who enters your business is not a threat, including maintenance men.
  • Watch out for any employees or clients. Most of the time, these people have access to important information, and do not hesitate to share it if they feel as if they were a victim of the company.
  • It is your fault. No matter which way the information gets out, it is ultimately the problem of the business. By law, the business has to notify all of the clients that their personal information may be at risk.
  • The proper data breach policy will provide both third party suits and first party costs. If your policy does not you need to review this critical shortfall.

Having the right data breach insurance can help to protect your business in case of a data breach. For all of your insurance needs in Tarrytown and Westchester County, contact Allan Block Insurance.