• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted February 12, 2016

What if a Lender financed your retirement benefits?

You finance your car, your business and your home… why wouldn’t you finance your retirement benefits?  Our premium financed retirement plan provides a total living benefits package for you and/or your employees far beyond the typical 401(k) or health insurance plans. These include the following valuable Accelerated Death Benefit Riders:

  • $1.5MM of Life Insurance
  • $1.5MM of Chronic Care Benefits
  • $1.5MM of Terminal Illness Benefits
  • $1.0MM of Critical Illness Benefits

In addition to all these benefits, access to cash values using tax-free policy loans is available to create significant retirement income.  By using leveraged funds to provide approximately 60-75% of the total contribution, the plan allows businesses to reward their key employees without breaking the bank.  Moreover, because the plans are non-qualified, there are no participation requirements or IRS reporting.

Financial Planning

Here are a few notable statistics:

  • One-third of all U.S. households between the ages of 30 and 59 won’t have enough money for retirement, even if they work until they are 70. (Employment Benefit Research Institute, 2013)
  •  70% of U. S. households with children under 18 would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses within a few months if a primary wage earner were to die today. (LIMRA Household Trends in U. S. Life Insurance Ownership, 2010)
  • Medical problems contributed to 62% of all personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S in 2007. This was a 50% increase from a similar 2001 study. (The American Journal of Medicine, 2009)
  • The average annual cost of an assisted living facility is close to $40,000. You can just about double that for a nursing home. (MSN Money/MoneyRates.com, January, 2013)

Whether you are an executive or a business owner with key employees, are you doing everything you can to protect your most valuable asset …you?

Our premium financed retirement plan is designed for businesses owners, executives, professionals, doctors, attorneys, realtors and similar key employees. To qualify, you must be able to obtain a standard or better risk class with the carrier and be age 65 or under.  Premiums are paid for only five years but they are higher than traditional policies.

Each plan participant will own a personal trust which will in turn own their policy. Each year, for up to 5 years, you contribute your portion of the premium to your trust. Your contribution and your policy are the sole collateral for the self-liquidating, non-recourse loan.  The plan is jointly funded by you and by the bank; for every one dollar you contribute, the bank contributes three…!  And with our plan, there are no personal guarantees or business loan documents to sign…!

This is your opportunity to fund the nest egg you have been working towards but have put off because life got in the way.  Now you can not only protect your family with permanent life insurance but you can also protect yourself with significant tax-free retirement income and the three essential Accelerated Death Benefit Riders.  Call us today for a FREE quote …!


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