Making a House a Home
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted May 23, 2016

Loss Prevention Tips

You found the perfect house and have turned it into your home. It feels warm and comfortable when you walk in the front door. A few touches from your past, Nana’s armoire in your bedroom, some picture frames from Mom and Dad in the living room. You have spent countless hours pulling down wallpaper and selecting colors. The floor took several weekends for your husband and you to refinish. The kitchen cabinets were another project that makes you smile every time you prepare a meal.

Did you know there are several ways to protect your home?  Which can avoid some costly damage and a potential claim?  Here are a few items worth considering. And some may reduce your insurance premium.

  • Centrally Monitored Burglar Alarm System – This system will alert authorities of a break in to your home 24 hours a day. The system should include contacts on exterior doors and windows as well as glass breakage sensors or interior motion sensors.
  • Centrally Monitored Fire Alarm – Like a central station burglar alarm system, a central station fire alarm system will notify authorities to a fire immediately, 24 hours a day.
  • Low Temperature Sensors – These sensors monitor the interior temperature of your home and can alert you when the temperature drops below a predetermined level. This can avoid frozen pipes. To provide the best protection, it is required to have the temperature sensors tied into your central alarm system. If you own a secondary home that is vacant for long periods of time it is critical and often required by the insurance carriers that you install these sensors.
  • Water Shut-Off Device – Unoccupied homes are vulnerable to undetected water leaks.  This can be reduced by installing an automatic water shut off system. One type of system continuously monitors the amount of water coming into your home and turns the water off automatically if it exceeds a preset limit. Another system uses sensors that detect leaks, sounds an alarm and shuts off the water supply. Many of these systems work in conjunction with your alarm systems.
  • Braided Steel Washing Machine Hoses – Rubber washing machine hoses are the leading cause of water damage in the home. These have an average life span of three years and can dry, crack and eventually break. We suggest you replace these with steel braided hoses that can be purchased at the hardware store.

Feel free to call us to discuss any of these options and how they can impact your homeowner, condo, co-op or renters insurance.

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