moving insurance coverage westchester ny
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted September 20, 2019

Insurance Risks To Consider Before You Move

If you are moving, consider the following items prior to moving day so that you know you are protected.

First and foremost: notify your insurance agent of the intended dates of your move so that you can cover your home and items appropriately.

If you are moving locally and are renting a moving vehicle, educate yourself prior to making these arrangements. Your personal auto insurance policy will most likely provide some coverage if you damage the rental vehicle, but your policy might not cover the company's loss of use. Ask the rental company for a copy of the liability insurance it offers and run it by your agent to make sure you aren't leaving any gaps.

You also need to find out about coverage for your personal items while in transit. Your renters, condo or homeowners policy may have stipulations about items that are being transported, and it may be wise to keep your old policy intact until the full transfer of your belongings and your ownership/ liability stake in the old residence. Ask your insurance agent for a rundown of how you are covered during a move so you can plan wisely.

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