• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted August 11, 2016

Preparing Your Child for Freshman Year of College

So many parents are preparing for that special day. Packing up and moving your child into college for freshman year. It’s a huge accomplishment for both of you.  And you may be wondering, are they prepared? This is a huge step in growing up and gaining independence. There are some things you can do in these final weeks of summer to help their transition.

  • Review important life skills together. Do they know how to do their laundry? Do they know how they would get home in an emergency? And how they would make their travel arrangements? If they couldn’t reach you in an emergency, who should they contact?
  • Discuss budgeting and money matters. Do they know how to use an ATM card? What is their budget? How much can they spend each month? Will they need to work? Do they have a bank account? And know how to make banking transactions? Do they understand what a credit card is? And the cost to repay credit card debt?
  • With unlimited free time, discuss time management. Share how you manage your time. How will they juggle their homework, activities, freetime?
  • What are your expectations? Do they have a scholarship with requirements? How often would you like to hear from them? What do they expect from you?

Now before you set off for that trek to drop your child off, remember it’s important to spend some time together at home. Set aside some time to go to dinner. Or take a walk together. Have a game night with your family. Whatever you do, the important thing is to spend some quality time together.

Of course, once you leave your child, expect the phone calls and questions. It’s ok. It’s all about the experience and this step into independence.

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