protect from email scams with cyber security insurance
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted January 19, 2019

Avoid Email Scams To Protect Your Business

Clicking on links and downloading file attachments at work is as routine as your morning coffee. Despite past warnings and possible “whoopsies” (still waiting for the promised commission for helping that foreign prince launder money?), email scams are getting harder to spot and continue to victimize businesses big and small alike.

Unknowingly downloading malware could cause many different—and possibly serious—problems. Losing access to sensitive data, having to repair or replace expensive hardware, and spending numerous hours mired in corrective measures are just a few examples. In a worst-case scenario, the malware could spread outside of your network and cause problems for clients and business partners, putting your business on the hook for expenses like breach notification, data recovery and reputational damage. offers the following tips to help spot a scam:

• The email is sent from the wrong email address. At a glance, the “from” email address may look legitimate, but upon closer inspection, you notice it includes misspellings or random characters.

• The email contains spelling and grammar mistakes. A legitimate email from a legitimate business normally is scrutinized by an editorial team to avoid such mistakes.

• The email contains links or attachments asking for personal information. When this happens, a best practice is to contact the business by phone to confirm if they requested/need such info.

• The email includes a threatening subject line. According to GoDaddy. com, subject lines like “Urgent Action Required” or “Your Account Will Be Closed!” are designed to scare the recipient into providing personal info. Call the business/sender in question to confirm the email’s legitimacy.

There are numerous sources online that provide best-practice tips for business owners hoping to train staff to identify potential email scams. Businesses should also consider a cyber insurance policy to help cover costs resulting from certain types of data-related losses.

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