Safeguarding Your Jewelry with Scheduled Personal Property Coverage
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted October 13, 2014

Safeguarding Your Jewelry with Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

As a homeowner, you have a certain expectancy level that all of your personal belongings will be safe inside your home. We are at risk for loss or theft of jewelry. Most policies won’t cover loss unless the items are scheduled. In protecting your home, you have obtained a homeowners’ insurance policy, however, it is important to note that your insurance policy will only provide your personal belongings with a limited amount of coverage.

If you have more than $2,500 of jewelry  that would leave you heartbroken if something were to happen to it, you may want to obtain scheduled personal property coverage. This extra coverage is a simple way to insure all of your most important jewels.

If you want to protect your jewelry to the fullest, contact your insurance agent to determine if you need an appraisal to insure pieces on a schedule. Ask for coverage at replacement cost value, as opposed to actual cash value. This insurance policy will allow you to receive peace of mind for the safety of your jewels, as it will provide you with coverage whenever items are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Contact the insurance professionals at Allan Block Insurance Agency located in Tarrytown, Westchester, New York for all of your homeowners’ insurance needs. We can provide your most valuable items with protection through scheduled personal property coverage.