• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted March 12, 2016

Why You Need Renters Insurance


You love your apartment.  The location is perfect with an easy commute to work.  Your landlord is great and you have off street parking. Life is good. It’s Friday and you come home to find your toilet has been overflowing. Besides the mess to your place, you have a message from your neighbor below.  The water has seeped into her apartment and has ruined all the shoes in her closet along with a lot of her clothes. You call your landlord to take care of it. He tells you he’ll send a plumber.  Then he tells you to call your insurance agent regarding the damage to your neighbor’s stuff.  Call your agent?!?!  Yes if you had Renters Insurance, this would be covered.  Instead you are facing a difficult discussion with your neighbor.

Renters Insurance also covers your personal belongings.  Many people feel they don’t have enough stuff to make it worth insuring.  Take a look around your apartment. How much would it cost you to replace everything if it were all destroyed in a fire today? Furniture, kitchen items, clothes, TV, cell phones, computer, toiletries, food, luggage, sports gear. It adds up! Do you have enough funds set aside should disaster strike to start over?  Renters Insurance costs a lot less per day than people think, often less than the daily dollar special on many menus.

Besides covering your stuff, Renters Insurance also provides you with liability protection. So if someone is injured at your home, say tripping on the carpet, their medical expenses will be covered up to a limit. Along with the defense fees associated with the claim.

The best part of Renters Insurance is we can often bundle it with your auto insurance to provide a discount. So enjoy that great apartment. And get your Renters Insurance now.


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