• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted February 6, 2015

Saving Energy & Money During The Winter

Saving Energy & Money During The Winter

Winter Energy Saving Tips

As the energy bills continue to skyrocket as each month gets colder and colder, it becomes increasingly important for homeowners to partake energy saving habits. We recommend trying these simple fixes to help that elevated energy bill and save both energy and money:

  • Did you know that cooking in your slow cooker only takes about a penny or two of electricity each hour? Therefore, making dinner a few times each week in your crock-pot can prove to be both convenient and money saving all around!
  • Rather than spending the money maintaining your pool during the winter, we recommend covering your pool with an inexpensive solar pool cover.
  • When was the last time you changed the filters of your furnace? Changing these filters every three to four months can help you save each month on heating costs.
  • Whenever your fireplace is not in use, install an inflatable chimney balloon, which will decrease the heat loss and save you money. These devices cost about $50.

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