• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted September 28, 2016

Small Business Tips for Saving Money on Energy Costs

Businesses spend time thinking about the product or service that they offer to clients but chances are your small business can also increase its energy efficiency and lower utility costs. Here are some tips to improve the energy efficiency of your operations.

  • Heating Systems – Boilers and Heating use large amounts of energy and it is important to have them serviced and cleaned so they can work properly. Cleaning and servicing can cover everything from removing soot and scale to fixing leaky steam traps and air leaks. While you are looking at your heating system, make sure pipes and duct work are properly insulated. It doesn’t matter how efficiently your boiler is working if you are losing heat to un-insulated pipes.
  • Lighting – Technology in lighting has come a long way. Be sure to review older inefficient lighting systems and make upgrades. Not only can you increase productivity and client comfort with better lighting but you can save on cooling costs as outdated lighting systems create much more heat
  • Cooling – Today’s air conditioners can use 30% to 50% less energy than units made in the 1970’s. Speak with a professional to details about current technology and what is best suited to your cooling needs.

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