• By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted June 1, 2016

Special Funding for Special Needs Trusts: Protection and Peace of Mind


Many parents of Special Needs children purchase life insurance policies inside a Special Needs Trust.  These policies provide large sums of tax-free money for the benefit of the child, simultaneously allowing the child to receive essential needs-based government benefits.  These policies can be quite expensive and often families elect to not buy them because of the lifelong contractual obligation of premium payments.

What if these families could purchase over $1 million of permanent life insurance and make only (5) annual payments?  What if those payments were further matched 3-to-1 using a non-recourse bank loan?  Our Premium Financed Indexed Universal Life insurance program includes these permanent benefits:

  • $1,500,000+      Life Insurance
  • $1,500,000        Chronic Care Benefits¹
  • $1,500,000        Terminal Illness Benefits²
  • $1,000,000        Critical Illness Benefits³
  • Tax-Free Retirement Income⁴

In addition, if the family owns a business, we can further finance the (5) annual premium payments!  Our program can be 100% completely financed without any large annual expense to the family.

  • No more writing checks to the insurance company forever!
  • 75% of policy premiums are financed by the bank creating massive cash values and benefits for life!
    • Policy funding is backed by a low interest, self-liquidating loan!
    • No loan payments, the interest is rolled up in the loan!
    • No collateral requirements or personal guarantees!
    • Minimum credit requirements and no loan documents!
  • 25% of the remaining policy premiums can be financed through your business over a (5) year period!
  • Flexible participation requirements, business owners’ family members only!

This is the opportunity that all parents everywhere have been searching for.  The means to fund a Special Needs Trust using other people’s money with no personal liability whatsoever!  Now parents can protect their children with life insurance and each other with the three (3) essential Living Care Benefits⁵!

No other life insurance program offers 3-to-1 matching contributions that increases benefits far beyond what premiums alone might achieve as well as providing superior tax-free retirement income as needed.  Please call us to discuss this new and incredibly valuable Special Needs Trust funding vehicle designed to meet the needs and checkbooks of individuals as well as small and mid-size business owners.

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