Thanksgiving Safety Tips to Ensure a Memorable Holiday
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Safety Tips to Ensure a Memorable Holiday

As you bring family and relatives together with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, it is important that you refresh your memory of the vital safety tips. The last thing you want is a kitchen fire to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner. Gathered are some important Thanksgiving safety tips to keep in mind for a spectacular holiday:

  • If you will be frying your turkey this year, it is important to note that turkey fryers are extremely sensitive to non-thawed turkeys, often causing an unpleasant explosion if you fail to completely thaw your turkey.
  • Before you get started, make sure that your smoke alarms are functioning properly.
  • Never leave the cooking unattended, even if your sweet niece begs you to come outside to watch her dance routine. If you need to step out of the kitchen, appoint someone to supervise.
  • Since the children will be running around with excitement during the holidays, make sure that all obstacles are cleared and pots’ and pans’ handles are facing inwards so they do not accidently cause a dangerous spill.
  • Most importantly, enjoy the bonding time with your family!

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you most thankful for? For all of your insurance needs in Tarrytown and Westchester County, contact Allan Block Insurance Agency.