Tips For Traveling With Your Furry Family Member
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted January 14, 2015

Tips For Traveling With Your Furry Family Member

Many of us simply cannot imagine traveling without our pets. If you will be taking a road trip in the near future and plan on bringing your pet with you, we recommend keeping these helpful tips for traveling with a pet in mind:

  • If your dog does not have a microchip, it may be wise to invest in one before road tripping. If time restrictions permit, you must equip your pup with a collar that has identification tags.
  • To ensure safety, it is important that you put your pet in a harness and seat belt so that they do not pose a danger to you and themselves.
  • Whether you are running into the gas station for five minutes or an hour, never leave your dog in the car. Even if it is 60 degrees outside, the inside of your car can heat up to 100 degrees. Simply avoid this habit.
  • It is important that you take a break from driving every once in a while and let your pet exercise. Give them a five to ten minute walk every four hours of driving.

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