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  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted November 2, 2018

What is Service Line Coverage and Why do I Need it?

Did you know that you, the homeowner, are financially responsible for service line repairs?

Your house is connected to an underground network of service lines that provides many of the modern comforts you enjoy—electric power, fuel, water, waste disposal, sewer, heating, and internet access, to name a few. If these lines are damaged on your property, you are responsible for the repair cost.

Plenty of us incorrectly believe that these service lines are not our concern, as they are often attached to a municipality. However, the reality is that the sections of these lines that fall within your property line belong to you, and you are therefore liable when they get damaged.

Standard homeowners’ policies do not include service lines, which can turn into a costly gap in coverage. Service line repairs cost an average of $3 - $4,000, but can easily balloon beyond that. Service line insurance is very inexpensive to add on to your existing coverage, with plans costing as little as $15 per year.

Many of the common sources of damage—corrosion, root invasion, vermin, wear and tear, ground freeze, and landscaping mishaps—are covered under Service Line policies. That means your insurance will cover the expense of excavating and repairing damaged lines, even including the resulting landscaping expenses after the lines are repaired.

Don’t let yourself get caught footing the bill for costly repairs! Talk to your agent today to add service line coverage to your home.


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