Learning To Run On Chilly Winter Nights Like A Pro
  • By Allan M Block Blogging Team
  • Posted February 18, 2015

Learning To Run On Chilly Winter Nights Like A Pro

Winter Night Running Tips

The drop in temperature does not mean we can take a break from exercising all winter long. However, when the sun sets before we get home from work and the winter weather chills our bones, it becomes more difficult to become motivated to go on a run. We understand you still need to get your running fix in, which is why we have gathered some helpful winter night running tips:

  • To ensure safety, make sure to only run on well-lit paths when running at night and wear the proper gear. This means being fully equipped with bright running shoes and clothing, and a reflective vest. You may also want to wear a headlamp for both increased visibility and decreased chance of slipping on an icy path.
  • The last thing you want is for your shoes to fill with snow, so make sure to wear shoes with Gore-Tex uppers in combination with socks that repel wetness.
  • You do not want your body to go into complete shock when you step outside, so make sure to warm up inside before heading out the door. Whether you choose to run up and down your stairs or jump rope is up to you.
  • Most importantly, make sure to wear multiple layers of clothing so that you can complete your run without the chill affecting you.

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